God is Greater than your troubles!

So there I was, Monday morning, sitting at work, thinking that I can’t hold this up for an entire day.. Everything itching, my feet swollen. Some sort of allergic reaction was occurring in my body. Now on Friday, after seeing the doctor more times in one week than I have in two years, I can finally focus a bit on the things I wanted to focus on during the entire week. The entire week, I felt a need to be close to God but I just couldn’t focus because of the itching which was so prominent during the day and night. Thursday was a breaking point somehow. Continue reading


Struggles, Those too shall pass

Lately a lot of things have been happening in my life. God granted me the privilege of getting to know a wonderful person, He opened a door towards a job for me (working since nov 22.) and now He opened a door towards a new job (starting between feb. 1 and apr. 1) and He is also giving me the peace about finding a job as an actual pilot in the (near) future..
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A couple of days ago the IKEA product guide 2010 fell on the doormat in many homes in our country.
On the cover the slogan: ‘Design your own life’ is largely displayed.

When I read the slogan it made me think. I realized that I am still living to much in what, from this moment on , I’ll call the: ‘IKEA-Mentality’. We (I) actually are constantly busy designing, and building our own lives to the things we like and want. When I read the slogan, I got pointed to the fact that God is the architect of my life. Continue reading